Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra Auditions

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Audition Materials

SSU Symphony Orchestra and
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Fall 2019 Audition Information 

Fall 2019 auditions for the SSU Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble will be held Monday, August 19 (woodwinds and strings) and Tuesday, August 20 (percussion and brass), at the Green Music Center. All students and community members wishing to participate in either the Orchestra or the Wind Ensemble must audition.

To schedule an audition for winds, brass and percussion, click here. For Strings auditions, click here 

  • Symphony Orchestra rehearses Mondays and Wednesdays from 4–6 PM
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3–5 PM.
  • Please hold these times open in your schedule until after ensemble placements are made.

Music majors focused on classical performance or music education whose principal instrument is a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument are required to perform in Wind Ensemble or Symphony Orchestra every semester while in residence at Sonoma State. Students are required to participate in one major ensemble and may be invited to perform in both. String majors are required to participate in Symphony Orchestra every semester.



Faculty Contact

(707) 664-2989

Audition Dates

Dr. Andy Collinsworth


Auditionees should prepare two major and one minor scale (two octaves preferred) of their choice (as well as the corresponding arpeggios) and one chromatic scale (two octaves). Please make sure to prepare the scales using the tempi and articulations provided as in the example below.  

Auditionees should also prepare the excerpts from solo and ensemble literature found below. Please make sure to scroll down to find the relevant excerpts for your instrument (the excerpts have been posted in score order, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings).

The audition process takes approximately 10 minutes.

Please take steps to carefully prepare for your audition to the best of your ability! You are strongly encouraged to work on the audition material with a private teacher and to listen to recordings of the audition repertoire on youtube or other websites for appropriate tempi, phrasing, etc. Recordings of all of the excerpted material can be easily found on youtube; in addition there are many on-line resources with advice on how to prepare for an audition and how to prepare specific excerpts. For suggestions on websites and recordings please contact Dr. Collinsworth or Dr. Kahn.

Good luck and best wishes!